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SMS Gateway Product

This service enables you to automate routine SMS and processes with fully interactive voice communications. The SMS gateway enables you to facilitate real-time message delivery to wireless and wired devices – which include mobile phones, landline phones, e-mail, and SMS.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway provides the facility to automate routine sms while leveraging your investment in a call center, database, and enterprise application technologies. By automating the complex communication processes, the service allows companies to overcome their communication barriers, which will reduce operating costs, boost productivity and see an immediate return on investment. With our service, you can send messages through a range of different mediums, such as SMPP, HTTP, and SMTP (Email to SMS) using our high-performance and reliable SMS gateway. Our SMS gateway today provides connectivity to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, corporations, wholesale SMS aggregators, and software providers.


  • Originator addresses are dynamic
  • Experience and capacity to handle a high volume of SMS
  • Delivery to ported numbers is supported
  • Secure and reliable SMS platform
  • Real-time delivery receipts – over-the-cloud access
  • Reach over 99% of mobile networks (global connectivity)