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Hosted IVR – Use Cases Industry

Aadishesha IVR (Interactive Voice Response) helps you in automating all incoming calls that are recurring in nature. According to many research analysts, most of the inbound calls are recurring in nature, and therefore, do not need a customer service agent’s participation.

Hosted IVR – Use Cases

IVR Solution for Financial Sector
IVR Solutions for Hospitality Sector
IVR Solution for Transportation Sector
IVR Solution for Health Care Sector
IVR Solution for Automotive Sector
IVR Solution for Educational Institutions

The features needed by any small and large educational institution, are present in our IVR application. The entire IVR system can be automated, thus increasing the response time. This automation will radically improve the productivity and efficiency of the school’s administrative staff while providing a cost-effective and flexible service. It is designed in such a way that it suits best the teachers, parents, and students to be up to date with school activities and academic progress. Without any change in the database, the system can very well use the infrastructure. It can playback the needed information to the users, by performing the particular request.


  • Course Information and Online Exams
  • Online Survey
  • Conferences for Students and Teacher Meetings
  • Change of Route for School Bus
  • Availability of substitute Teachers
  • Hotline for homework
  • Absence notification
  • School information on forthcoming Events
  • Course Registration
  • Checking up on the student’s progress
  • Course Grades