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Digital Publishing Portfolio

Now you can reach new markets by digitizing and advancing your print material. Simply provide us with your printed documents and we will change over them to an eBook or an intuitive computerized flipbook ready to be sold in this new and energizing business.

Digital Publishing

Your content will arrive at new, advanced sharp markets comprehensively, and consequently open new gateways for you. Because of the productivity and effortlessness of this workflow, we have the capacity to increase at incredible velocity to process higher volumes. Whatever configuration your books are presently in, Aadishesha can transform them into eBooks rapidly and cheaply. For hard-duplicate inputs, we have amazing scanners to digitize the substance before we take it through our eBook workflow. We can additionally handle any type of electronic data – from provision records to PDF to XML and HTML5 – thus changing over your content to suit the e-readers. Additionally, your books can now be accessible on iPad, Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader, and other compatible devices. For PC-based understanding, we also can change over to PDF or HTML as needed.

Process Flow

Our eBook workflow profits from a few years of tweaking; making it as strong and quick as would be prudent:

Basic Step

Firstly we transform all your inputs to the e-pub form which is the foundation of all eBook arrangements and utilize a special mechanized procedure assisted with particularly created in-house tools. We then move over to the simple, yet fast second step.

Information Capture

Our information catch administrations incorporate keyboarding, filtering and OCR, and picture handling.


The process involves manually entering the contents of a hard-duplicate record since it is the most secure method to digitize delicate material and then transcribe original copies. Aadishesha additionally offers a two-fold keying administration for better remarkable precision.

Filtering and OCR

Besides being furnished with the finest examining and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools and frameworks, our information catch group is also geared up with different strategies for diversified tasks. Catching a diverse genus of hard-duplicate material such as images and content is also processed by Aadishesha. Depending on the variety, size, and age of the paper, we implement the most suitable machines to meet your requirements. Likewise, our services include cleaning picture records after inspection for PDF conversion or any other requirement.

Information Conversion

We are equipped to take any sort of print or electronic media and convert it into any form according to your liking. Aadishesha performs with an exceptional reach of essence, sorts, and arrangements, plus can also deal with DTD to DTD transformation, web-based changes, XML/SGML, and HTML ventures. Additionally, we can also handle eBook transformations for any type of arrangement.