Unfailing and Diligent in Service

Effortless and Quick Texting

For simple 2 way text conversations, replies can come back to a PC. No fiddly rewriting each text, simply cut and paste often used sentences.

Enhanced Shared Communication

Replies come back to only one system, so that numerous users can see and act on it. One system can be used to send text to several colleagues.

Better for cash flow and better for Customer Care

It is great when it comes to chasing due payments. Fewer wasted slots that are excellent for appointment reminders.

Texting is Safe

It saves drivers from jotting instructions and not stopping or worse. Its ease encourages colleagues to text people who are driving rather than phoning them.

Excellent Value

Expensive SMS servers are not needed. It totally depends on the setup cost. because lesser the setup cost, lower the monthly fees.

Record-keeping is Better

In the Microsoft CRM or SAGE LINE 50, records are automatically populated. It keeps the record of your conversations, you have done.

Aadishesha offers Value Added Servicesthrough Right Thoughts,Logical Expressions & Right Actions


With different features, unique designs and new applications such as android, blackberry and Whatsapp have came into existence, leaving the text message and SMS’s two decades old.

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Our HTTP, SMPP or API simplifies the integration process into your modified applications. Both the protocols enable seamless integration of SMS into your existing system.

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In order to send messages internationally, most operators have established active interworking contracts between one and other. Service offers secure transport of messages worldwide.

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Your way to launch profitable, new A2P SMS services efficiently and quickly is our managed messaging service. Use our protocols and gateways to connect your enterprise clients.

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