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We, at Aadishesha Info Communications India Pvt. Ltd., address all your IT requirements by adhering to the finest core principles such as – honesty, integrity, and ingenuity for time-bound solutions.

About Us

A contemporary corporation that enables you to communicate with your customers at any time or in real-time with over-the-cloud services is Aadishesha. Any information can be transmitted to mobile devices at any given point in time. We offer you the latest technology introduced in the market, whether you are keen on sending a message or just an advertisement!

Why should you consider Aadishesha?

  • 100 % Focus on Modern Engineering
  • Innovative and Customized Solutions for All
  • Cloud-based Global Level Outreaching
  • We Provide Compliance, Technological Control, and Best Level of Security
  • Quick adaptability with different cultures of varied clients
  • Our Systems Enable Effortless Functioning

Through us, messages can be sent anywhere in the world very easily. We deliver a code service that allows you to send in short messages for availing feedback which further generates leads. The system allows complete reporting on the web, and the shortcodes can be incorporated with applications administered through the company’s APIs. By using administration control, you can obtain dedicated shortcodes of resellers. This control panel allows easy usage, and creation of keywords in unlimited numbers and you can get short codes that are dedicated in the form.


Aadishesha Info Communications India Pvt. Ltd., which was previously ‘Aadishesha Infotech Services’ (SMSWAALA), had an inspiring existence over the past 8 years. Since its beginning in mid-2000, it has continuously grown, evolved, and embraced cloud-based services. In November 2009, Aadishesha experienced a drift in the SMS industry while existing providers were focusing on outdated products, competing on price, and cutting costs – all of which resulted in damage to service and reliability. Now that’s when the decision was taken not to follow the lackluster industry but to build a company that would be legendary in the Global Market.

Since then, we have been investing in Developing, Diversification, and Acquiring the most Recent and Sophisticated SMS messaging and Voice Tools / Platforms. In addition, there is the installation of a totally Redundant Data Centre Infrastructure with the aim to be a Global Player with a new Web Interface backed with amazing features and functionality.

Today Aadishesha’s value proposition stems from its Proprietary Technology and Fully Operational Integration and Management of these services. Many national, international, and forward-looking companies have amalgamated with us, after understanding the following merits:

  • Significant reduction in total expenditure while increasing the transparency of services executed on a concurrent basis.
  • The in-house developed technology platform, with a 24/7 call center and multi-unit clients with high-frequency facility service – all of which are needed at multiple locations.
  • Consolidated management, functions by receiving compliance reports, integrated billing, and service tracking of quality control.

Thus, with an infrastructure focusing on transactional security and speed, we associate with SMS Aggregators, Mobile Operators, and MVNOs to extend out-of-the-box services to our Enterprise Clients as well. Our research and development team has developed a complete range of cutting-edge SMS and Voice Products that drives more traffic and cuts down your costs.