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Aadishesha offers high-quality and customized services (24/7/365) at a highly competitive price, through sheer experience and an upbeat market position. The product portfolio available at Aadishesh authorizes easy and efficient integration of cloud-based SMS and voice services – whether you are a Multinational Enterprise, Aggregator, or Reseller – Aadishesh products are just great to own!

Web Messaging

Effective communication with customers distinguishes our company from others and thereby creates a unique competitive benefit. Hoping for efficiency and reduced costs, several companies automate their business processes and overlook reaching out to their clients, partners, employees, and suppliers. Without an effective mechanism to automate this routine process, this remains a manual challenge. With a highly customizable multi-channel notification service, Aadishesha’s push messaging gateway service enables you to add a more proactive customer care approach. SMS is one of the fastest-growing communication channels that allow organizations and businesses to connect directly and engage more effectively with their audience.

If you are an individual or an enterprise who is manually sending bulk SMS for ‘time critical’ updates, marketing promotions, or to large groups, reminders for events, we have the right messaging solutions for you. An effective way to save cost, and time, and communicate with new and existing audiences across the globe is SMS messaging. We ensure fast and reliable delivery to get your message across to any mobile handset. The entire process is comparatively simple and cost-effective.


Speedy, Universal SMS Delivery

Group texts can be sent to an unlimited number of mobile phones in more than 200 countries.

Delivery rate tracking of the SMS Campaigns

Delivery notifications for all sent messages can be requested. Via the SMS gateway, you can get the delivery notifications returned by the phones.

Custom Senders IDs

Any of your registered numbers can be displayed as the sending number while sending texts via our HTTP SMS API. You can use your sender ID as well, such as your company name.