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Digital Marketing Portfolio

An advertising activity that is performed online is called digital marketing. It is very much opposed to traditional marketing which generally included radio & TV advertisements, live promotions, and print media. Digital Marketing is also known as web marketing, internet marketing, or online marketing.

Digital Marketing

It simply denotes promoting services or products through electronic media. However, it is more effortlessly said than done. There is much divergence between traditional and digital marketing. There are certain aspects of digital marketing that go into it and this comprises what is being viewed, sales conversations, how often and for how long, what content works and what does not.

Providing selective information to clients is not possible, since digital media has become an ever-growing source of social interaction, shopping, news, and entertainment. Clients are now exposed not only to what your company has to say about the brand but also to what the media, peers, relatives, and friends consider. Trust has become an important factor and for this, hence the product must have positive and true web reviews.


Marketers become powerless very often and utilize all the data necessary to get the best insight, and are frequently forced to use samples or subsets, which compromise model accuracy. For a good decision, one should have access to all the clients’ preferences (lifetime value, demographics, etc.) and marketing data (resource allocation, campaign performance, response rates, etc) in a shared workspace. A united client data model can link touch point behavior and client experience data with client contact history, apart from getting full control. Plus, obtaining a comprehensive view will give you the information you require to make the best tactical and strategic decisions.

We at Aadishesha emphasize three golden rules of Digital Marketing:

  • Extract value out of big data to make better decisions faster.
  • Respond to and commence dynamic client communication.
  • Manage complex client relationships across a variety of channels – both traditional and digital.

Our Capabilities

  • Integrate, Examine, and Act on Online Conversations.
  • Increase the value of your real-time customer relations.
  • Plan, Prioritize, and Optimize Communications to maximize profits.
  • Predict the business value of investments, such as advertising, incentives, and the web.
  • Plan, Test, and Execute campaigns to improve process efficiency, ROI, and marketing automation.
  • Gather and present data to enable inventory management, precision forecasting, sales performance reporting, and decision optimization.
  • Deliver personalized multichannel digital content to millions of customers.
  • Develop more personalized, relevant communications to achieve better marketing performance.