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Effective communication with customers distinguishes our company from others and thereby creates a unique competitive benefit. Hoping for efficiency and reduced costs, several companies automate their business processes and overlook reaching out to their clients, partners, employees, and suppliers. Without an effective mechanism to automate this routine process, this remains a manual challenge. With a highly customizable multi-channel notification service, Aadishesh’s push messaging gateway service enables you to add a more proactive customer care approach. SMS is one of the fastest-growing communication channels that allow organizations and businesses to connect directly and engage more effectively with their audience.

If you are an individual or an enterprise who is manually sending bulk SMS for ‘time critical’ updates, marketing promotions, or to large groups, reminders for events, we have the right messaging solutions for you. An effective way to save cost, and time, and communicate with new and existing audiences across the globe is SMS messaging. We ensure fast and reliable delivery to get your message across to any mobile handset. The entire process is comparatively simple and cost-effective.


Speedy, Universal SMS Delivery

Group texts can be sent to an unlimited number of mobile phones in more than 200 countries.

Delivery rate tracking of the SMS Campaigns

Delivery notifications for all sent messages can be requested. Via the SMS gateway, you can get the delivery notifications returned by the phones.

Custom Senders IDs

Any of your registered numbers can be displayed as the sending number while sending texts via our HTTP SMS API. You can use your sender ID as well, such as your company name.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway provides the facility to automate routine sms while leveraging your investment in a call center, database, and enterprise application technologies. By automating the complex communication processes, the service allows companies to overcome their communication barriers, which will reduce operating costs, boost productivity and see an immediate return on investment. With our service, you can send messages through a range of different mediums, such as SMPP, HTTP, and SMTP (Email to SMS) using our high-performance and reliable SMS gateway. Our SMS gateway today provides connectivity to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, corporations, wholesale SMS aggregators, and software providers.



  • Originator addresses are dynamic
  • Experience and capacity to handle a high volume of SMS
  • Delivery to ported numbers is supported
  • Secure and reliable SMS platform
  • Real-time delivery receipts – over-the-cloud access
  • Reach over 99% of mobile networks (global connectivity)

Two-Way Messaging – Long Code

Inbound SMS provides the functionality to stimulate consumer interest, interact with your mobile audience, or collect consumer information through marketing campaigns and advertising. It enables them to respond to campaigns, provide feedback, send follow-up messages, participate in competitions as well as build new and existing relationships. SMS numbers are required to receive the inbound message and to run a 2-way messaging service. The 2-way SMS service by Aadishesha offers long numbers for receiving real-time SMS responses effectively and immediately. With our cost-effective cloud-based reply paths and trusted reliable gateway, the SMS replies can be forwarded to email addresses, stored in the application inbox, or in your API.

These are virtual SMS numbers (e.g. 07770 111111) that can be used globally with no local country limits. To engage with the mobile campaign, the mobile user sends a text message to the long code. Typically, an SMS long number might be used to allow mobile users to opt in to receive service alerts or to request information.


  • Access to dialogues reporting system including volume updates via SMS and Email
  • Email forwarding, auto-replies, supports keywords
  • Offers virtual SIMs, message long numbers
  • Delivery Receipts

Two-Way Messaging – Short Code

Our two-way SMS service offers short codes for receiving real-time SMS responses effectively and immediately over the cloud. With our cost-effective reply paths and trusted reliable gateway, the SMS replies can be forwarded to email addresses, stored in the application inbox, or in your API. These numbers are shortened to make them unforgettable. They can be used for a variety of SMS campaigns such as advertising, mobile marketing, collecting donations, or charging for a service.



  • You get message replies directly, sent straight to your computer from anywhere in the world.
  • You receive replies to your sent text messages for FREE – even if you are currently not in
  • your coverage area.

Email to SMS

The procedure forwards emails to SMS, so you can receive important email alerts when you’re on the move. A special mailbox for your email alerts and the address mapped to your mobile device is created. All emails sent to this address will appear on your phone as text messages. You can as well create a comprehensive alert service and forward emails to mobile devices held by partners and employees. Email to SMS is probably the easiest way to add SMS send or receive functions to your software. You only have to prepare the email in your chosen programming language, address it to phone numbers and you’re done. You can send messages 24 hours a day, by default. But it may be wise to hold your messages at night. If you hold them back between 22:00 to 08:00, they will then be delivered immediately after 08:00. You can change this setting in the email to the SMS control panel.



  • Maximize cost effectiveness by setting limits on how many SMS alerts should be generated per email.
  • Get urgent emails and information to text alerts on the go.
  • Simply by using your email address, you can use all your favorite alerting services. Alert entire groups easily and quickly with a single email to a text message.
  • Can be sent to multiple recipients: By separating the numbers with a comma, messages can be sent just like you would send a normal email.
  • Normally in the SMS, there is no need to send email footers and signatures. We take care of that and remove unwanted content mechanically.
  • Receive SMS replies as emails: All replies will arrive as emails. In this way, you will have a conversation directly through email.
  • Monitor the sent messages: On the website, you can access your sent message delivery notes and history.
  • Grants access to the whole company: You can share your account credit by giving your entire team access to email to SMS.
  • Messages can be sent in all languages: Messages can be sent in Greek, Asian, Cyrillic, and Arabic character set without worrying about the conversation.


The HLR (Home Location Register) lookup from Aadishesh is a service by which users can check the status of any cell number in the world. In fact, with this service, you can examine why a submission to a phone number has failed, or on awaiting state. You may also check which operator a phone number belongs to. As you are aware, one cannot be sure which network a mobile number belongs to, since people often change the operator but retain their number.



SMS campaigns may be created to provide a specific time period, or to reach a target market in a particular region. It is probable that a customer could be off network, or in a meeting. Knowing the numbers available for sending in advance can considerably reduce the costs of an SMS marketing campaign. The relevant mobile number’s home network can be connected with our HLR lookup service and can identify whether the subscriber’s handset is roaming on another network is presently active or is disabled. In addition, with the increased use of MNP (Mobile Number Portability), subscribers are more than ever switching careers yet holding on to their actual numbers. HLR lookup provides accurate information. Resellers, enterprises, and other businesses that have a requirement to ensure that messages or campaigns are immediately and accurately delivered can rapidly validate and lessens messaging costs. Additional utilities for HLR lookups are to “clean up” and re-validate existing mobile databases that are reserved by the companies.


  • Can be used along with other services
  • Service accessibility and guaranteed quality of service (QoS)
  • Technical support for 24/7/365
  • Expand service coverage and improves revenue margins
  • To fit particular market trends and requirements, tailored HLR lookup packages
  • Optimize billing and charging
  • By optimizing message routing, avoid interworking fees and MNP issues
  • Improve messaging accuracy and save costs