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Bulk Voice

Voice SMS from Aadishesha assists you to interact with your clients by calling on their mobile numbers, with a pre-recorded voice message through an entirely automatic online system. No manual dialer or operator is required to process the call because voice calls are a totally automated process over the cloud. Once the system is set with your contact list and pre-recorded through our user-friendly online control panel, then our voice message system will initiate calling the recipient and play your pre-recorded voice message.

Voice SMS or bulk voice call campaigns are widely used for voter registrations, vote reminders, announcements, marketing products and services, event notifications, lead generation, fundraising, political campaign promotions, service reminders, giving reminders like EMI, insurance premium, medicine reminders, stock alerts, wakeup calls, and insurance premium, etc.


  • We consider real-time reporting for measuring the response of the campaign
  • Mobile marketing in semi-urban or rural parts of India is very effective
  • Voice messaging is handset independent, thus in universal reach
  • In regional language, it reaches out to a large Indian audience
  • It’s a more personal way of communication, with great emotions and personal reach
  • We can set protocols at predefined dates and time
  • Voice messages can be broadcasted instantly
  • Add a human touch to your mobile marketing
  • Make the payment only for the calls which are successfully connected


  • The service is usage-based – no setup fee, no subscription
  • In regional language, reaches out to the large target audience
  • State-of-the-art cloud-based voicemail detection
  • Make payments only for recipients reached
  • Highly effective for mobile marketing in semi-urban and rural parts of India
  • High emotional bonding with your clients
  • Go green by implementing electronic media
  • Personalized and contemporary technology
  • Messaging done in any language
  • High rate of outbound capacity
  • Reach landline and cell phone – people receive calls like a regular phone call!
  • Communicate with valued clients and free up agents to spend time by automating routine tasks, plus increase agent productivity
  • Proactive communication with customers reduces inbound calls to your contact center
  • Boosts up branding campaigns
  • Strengthens business stability
  • Increase team building
  • Staff efficiency is increased
  • Positive customer relation is increased
  • Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) is established
  • Augments Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Referrals are encouraged
  • Other marketing campaigns are reinforced
  • Offers a means for accurate, timely dissemination of information

Hosted IVR

Some of the incoming calls include pricing, account information retrieval, information updates/requests, password reset, flight information, etc. The major advantage of our IVR system is the call time for processing such calls is reduced to a large extent, thus enabling customer service agents to react only to complex or new issues.
Your customer service agents can focus on those customers who have specific calling purposes (as opposed to generic queries like account balances), thus increasing your business efficiency and productivity.



  • Financial Sector
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Transportation Sector
  • Health Care Sector
  • Automotive Sector
  • Education Sector
IVR Solution for Financial Sector
IVR Solutions for Hospitality Sector
IVR Solution for Transportation Sector
IVR Solution for Health Care Sector
IVR Solution for Automotive Sector
IVR Solution for Educational Institutions

The features needed by any small and large educational institution, are present in our IVR application. The entire IVR system can be automated, thus increasing the response time. This automation will radically improve the productivity and efficiency of the school’s administrative staff while providing a cost-effective and flexible service. It is designed in such a way that it suits best the teachers, parents, and students to be up to date with school activities and academic progress. Without any change in the database, the system can very well use the infrastructure. It can playback the needed information to the users, by performing any particular request.


  • Course Information and Online Exams
  • Online Survey
  • Conferences for Students and Teacher Meetings
  • Change of Route for School Bus
  • Availability of Substitute Teachers
  • Hotline for Homework
  • Absence Notification
  • School Information on Forthcoming Events
  • Course Registration
  • Checking up the Students’ Progress
  • Course Grades

Missed Call

If you do not want to use the other service options to manage missed calls, or if your phone is out of reach or even switched off, the missed call message will be sent. Until the message is received, the message will be resent for up to 7 days. This service permits a person calling on your mobile to send you their mobile numbers – if your phone is out of reach and not diverted, switched off, unanswered, or busy.

No charges are applied for using missed call service.

If you are abroad and have enabled international roaming, you will only receive the missed call service if your number is switched off.


Attending calls with an International Toll-Free Number:

It gets easier for global clients to reach you through international toll-free numbers. Regardless of wherever they are – across the globe or across the country – your clients can effortlessly contact you, just like you are sitting next door. With international toll-free numbers, your clients will be able to connect with you at no cost, and their calls can be routed through any of your existing phone lines, which includes PBX systems, office phones, and cell phones.
You can get an international toll free number for any country you choose, living in whichever country worldwide and enabling your international clients to reach your business by calling a local toll free number.


How do they work?

If you have a high speed connection, we can forward the calls to any IP, PBX phone or VoIP device systems with SIP support which is connected to your internet connection. As you configure your device with your VoIP account, you will be charged the preset fees.

Voice Recorder

Today’s generation is changing with time, and VoIP is changing the way companies communicate and undertake business. When it comes to recording VoIP calls, we offer the best solutions. We are one of the best suppliers of VOIP recording solutions. With Aadishesha, the call recordings are positively simple and cost-effective. There is a wide range of VOIP recording options which include SIP Trunk, Active and passive recording.


  • It is used by the biggest install base in the company, hence it is field proven
  • It is flexible as it works with almost every type of VoIP telephony solution
  • Easily expands as call recording continues to grow
  • It is cost-effective – as it provides large capacity, high investment protection, low cost of ownership, and best compression.