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Two-Way Messaging – Long Code Product

This process opens up communication channels for allowing businesses to engage in 2-way conversations by receiving inbound SMS messages from mobile phones, thus creating a powerful cloud-based communication tool.

Two-Way Messaging – Long Code

Inbound SMS provides the functionality to stimulate consumer interest, interact with your mobile audience, or collect consumer information through marketing campaigns and advertising. It enables them to respond to campaigns, provide feedback, send follow-up messages, participate in competitions as well as build new and existing relationships. SMS numbers are required to receive the inbound message and to run a 2-way messaging service. The 2-way SMS service by Aadishesh offers long numbers for receiving real-time SMS responses effectively and immediately. With our cost-effective cloud-based reply paths and trusted reliable gateway, the SMS replies can be forwarded to email addresses, stored in the application inbox, or in your API.

These are virtual SMS numbers (e.g. 07770 111111) that can be used globally with no local country limits. To engage with the mobile campaign, the mobile user sends a text message to the long code. Typically, an SMS long number might be used to allow mobile users to opt in to receive service alerts or to request information.


  • Access to dialogues reporting system including volume updates via SMS and Email
  • Email forwarding, auto-replies, supports keywords
  • Offers virtual SIMs, message long numbers
  • Delivery Receipts