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Voice Messaging – Use Cases Industry

This service enables you to automate routine SMS and processes with fully interactive voice communications.SMS gateway enables you to facilitate real-time message delivery to wireless and weird devices, which includes mobile phones, landline phones, e-mail, and SMS.

Voice Messaging – Use Cases


Using Aadishesha, International, local as well as state government agencies can improve communication and collaboration with every constituency you serve, together with businesses citizens, and other government organizations. We offer you the best quality unified communication platform for outbound, inbound, and blended call centers. Modern components and multiple open integration options permit you to integrate, customize and expand Aadishesha as the technology progresses.

  • Our automated voice messaging is utilized to grant general notification or emergency messaging, appointment, or jury duty reminders. Automatic voice messaging can allow you with communicating with a large number of people, efficiently and quickly.
  • Improved operational effectiveness
  • Lessons on the cost of doing business
  • Delivers better service to all citizens
  • For generating new contacts
  • Event promotion
Political Campaigns

Automated voice messaging and Robocalls can help in getting out the votes and winning the upcoming elections.

  • Volunteer message broadcasting
  • Absentee ballot notification
  • Event reminders and notices
  • Campaign fundraising
  • RoBo calls (get out the votes)
  • Multiple purchasing options
  • Fast implementation
  • Campaign management
  • Scripting
  • Web Reporting
  • Saves money over marketing costs
  • Conduct political polling calls /automated opinions
  • Automatic private voice messages
  • Contact Voters in a short time with ROBO calls
Financial Services

Client satisfaction and loyalty are key to a successful financial service industry. Our study clearly shows the interrelation between client loyalty and client satisfaction, advance research within the organizations of financial services shows that client loyalty is being challenged by the quality of services. Automatic voice messaging is an efficient and powerful method to reach a vast population with a request, reminders, or notices.

  • We are universal leaders in prognostic dialing. A prognostic or predictive dialer enhances contact rates significantly over manual dialing.
Customer Services

In a progressively competitive marketplace, clients demand a high level of satisfaction and quality experience. Client service agents are needed to manage huge amounts of data and juggle numerous client phone calls. Detailed, prompt, and accurate interactions are necessary factors while differentiating you from contenders. A high level of client satisfaction also impacts market share, customer lifetime value, and revenue.

Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Celeb Endorsement together with voice broadcasting can fetch remarkable outcomes. Are you facing shrinking sales? Falling demands? Diminishing profits? Voice broadcasting can become a small business dream come true. Voice broadcasting means a voice message sent to a number of audiences concurrently. It has given a new dimension to the world of advertisement and marketing and has thrilled business managers with its effectiveness. It is known to boost sales by up to 50 percent. To lift the limit more, the idea of celebrity endorsement can now be incorporated into the voice broadcasting campaign. Imagine your favorite celebs insisting you have a certain brand of phone.

Educational Sector

Permit information and account management for

  • Online surveys
  • Conferencing for students and teacher meetings
  • Route change for school bus
  • Substitute teacher availability
  • Homework Hotline
  • Absence notification
  • School information on forthcoming events
  • Course Registration
  • Student growth checkup
  • Course grades