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In order to send messages globally, most operators have created dynamic interworking contracts linking one another. Managing SMS interworking universally presents important challenges, and managing an expanding and gradually more complex collection of contractual agreements with destinations including MVNOs and nonoperator entities is our USP! Plus, our systems ensure top-notch SMS quality and integrity of service for End Users with Cloud Integration! Thus, all your requirements are met while preventing spam SMSs and unwanted providers at the same time.

Mobile Network Operators

Aadishesha offers practical, straightforward, one-stop shop wholesale messaging for both Mobile Operators and Service Providers. Our services are 100% secure and deliver reliable transport of messages worldwide through a single connection. You can now focus on those contracts that generate the most traffic for you and leave the rest of the issues to us, other than negotiating hundreds of contracts with operators located worldwide. We make it possible for you to gain from years of SMS message expertise and gain from existing roaming agreements. We offer the following features:

  • Reporting, value-added features, multi-type support, multi-protocol support, roaming, MNP, security, and several more
  • Own Network Infrastructure, offering feature guarantee and the highest quality
  • 2-way traffic offered for over 500 mobile operators
  • Connection to more than 800 mobile operators utilizing existing roaming agreements
  • Access via SMPP or SS7 connection

The messaging gateway includes various interfaces for Enterprises, Content Providers and Developers for sending, receiving and managing messages (mainly IP/ MMS/ SMS and also email, fax and voice) to clients (including premium messages). For operators, this gateway provides a managed and secure multi-channel entry point for external messaging applications & content, social networking sites and UGC (user generated content) into the operator’s network. Messaging gateways ensure that the operator messaging resources are utilized with efficiency and according to the Operator’s policies. The gateways also incorporate person to application and application to person messaging traffic plus VASP (value added service provider) connectivity to the operator’s network.

The messaging gateway provides an efficient and central VAS connection and management solution that streamlines integration to operators email, MMS, SMS and WAP push systems. It eliminates the requirement to connect separately to each internal messaging system, as well as to other supporting network system and service enablers.