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With diverse characteristics and extraordinary outlines, the regular messaging industry is certainly passé. Blackberry and WhatsApp messaging have totally revolutionized the modern messaging scenario but there is something more concrete required by professionals. Cloud-based messaging is a very integral aspect of any individual (or business) as they uphold individual associations with their customers.


Versatile administrations and advertising through SMS messaging and Voice messaging is a correspondence channel that is promoted with buyer merchandise organizations and service providers. It helps them to stay in touch with their customers for assistance or support; to supply productive administrations by sending and receiving (two-way) messages; to produce bargains by enhancing coordination between parts of the staff, keeping clients updated on the most recent products, and publishing advancements and exceptional offers.

  • Reliable and secured stringent policies and business track records
  • Export features for Audit and Message arrivals
  • Graphic reporting with the help of Dashboards and Usage Charts
  • Servicing clients, Automation on Mass Communication, etc. via integration with our API
  • Corporate Identity and Branding with Configurable Number Masking and Sender ID

What we Offer!
  • Automated Unsubscribe Management: Respect the privacy of the recipient (DND) and save time
  • Multi Dialect: Thai, Arabic, Chinese, etc language support
  • Broadcast SMSs and Voice to unlimited Contacts and Groups
  • Template Administration: Institutionalizes corporate messages and spares time
  • Up to 0.7 – 1 Million SMSs per hour, and 0.3 Million Voice Calls per hour; thus high-speed delivery
Product Features
  • Advanced Search and Filtering
  • Conversation View: A convenient way to track message history
  • Able to set operating hours for SMS broadcast
  • Excel and Outlook plug-ins to your existing application
  • Smartphone App Broadcast to predefined groups easily even when you do not have access to the Web SMS.