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This manual is designed to assist you in planning all phases of your business. This will answer all your queries as well as inform you about further actions to be taken. You can take help from this manual if ever stuck.


Is it possible to modify the number or place a name that you send text messages?
Can the delivery of each text that I send be guaranteed?
What are the text messaging benefits?
Can receiving messages be done on my phone?
What do you mean by text messages?
What is the differentiation between standard and express delivery messages?

The express delivery messages are sent through our code that is directly connected to the major cell phone careers. Express delivery reliability and speed are similar to sending text messages from one phone to another. Express messages have a limit of 160 characters per text in the USA and 130 characters per text in Canada.

Usually, messages are sent through the internet using SMTP email to text technology and are not getting support from careers. Deliver capability prices are consistent for the most part, but can be random as messages can be trapped in SPAM filters. We offer this technique as a legacy service for those consumers who need to reach smaller careers. As the career doesn’t support this delivery technique, we cannot provide support for standard messages.

Can you forward free incoming texts to my email address?
Does my career charge for receiving messages?
Do you charge for incoming messages?
How far does it take to deliver a text message?
How many characters can I incorporate in a text message?
What do you mean by keywords?
Am I supposed to pay for text messages that my recipients do not receive?
How come a few of my contacts didn’t receive a test that I sent them?
Can I get any keywords I wish to have?
What is meant by shortcode?
Who possesses my data?